Window Cleaning in Cass and Bates Counties

 At NuVu, we emphasize excellence and integrity. Our primary mission is to help homeowners maintain one of their most important assets – their windows.  Clean windows greatly improve the appearance of your property.  But most importantly, windows provide your view of the world.  When we finish cleaning your windows we feel like we have given you a Nu Vu of the world.   

Our Services

  • Residential Window and Gutter Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Blind and Shutter Cleaning
  • Mirror Cleaning
  • Fireplace Glass Cleaning
  • Cleaning of hard to reach areas 

Southland Service Area

Window and Gutter Cleaning in the following cities



Lake Winnebago




Pleasant Hill

East Lynne

Garden City








Gutter Cleaning

When we clean your gutters, we don't just blow out your leaves...

 We take time to ensure that your entire gutter system is free from debris and all the downspouts are clear. This prevents overflow, thus protecting your home from damage to your roof, walls, siding, and foundation. Even gutters with leaf guards and homes without trees require periodic system flushing to ensure proper flow and to increase the life of the gutters. 

A small expense now may save you tens of thousands of dollars later. 

Choose NuVu

NuVu has been cleaning gutters for over 14 years. We have cleaned 10s of thousands of gutters and we would love to clean yours as well. We have the experience and skill to do it right.